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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is all about creating content to help your business grow. Things like blogs and videos, but also infographics, quizzes and podcasts.

At XowoX Digital, we try to fit content into your company’s overall marketing strategy. We help with planning and spreading content, and if necessary we can create content for you.

The goal

The goal of content marketing is not a quick sale. It’s to create AwarenessEngagement and Loyalty. This will translate itself in the following ways:

More followers on social media and more engagement
Almost all companies are on Facebook and though many companies know they should be ‘doing something more’, they don’t know what that something is, exactly. Some end up doing nothing, whereas others fall back to posting updates like: ”Yes it’s true, we have the most beautiful flowers in Alfriston!’ Of, ‘Check out these lovely hamburgers.’

Though updates like these can work if you post them occasionally, if you do it weekly your followers quickly get bored. But the right content will keep your followers engaged and more: it will make them wanna spread your brand.

Higher rankings on Google
SEO isn’t the same thing as Content Marketing, but it’s closely related. Creating good content won’t just get you more keywords on your website, it will also get you more links from other websites who want to impress their visitors using your content.

Better website visitors
Everyone can get traffic to their page using clickbait, but it the long run this will help neither your business nor your website.

With the right content you make sure that the right people have a reason to remain on your website and, more importantly, return to it.

A bigger email list
Yes, even in 2018 email remains important. In fact, there’s no other marketing mechanism with such a high ROI. All you gotta do is get those email addresses. And how do you get them? Create stuff people don’t want to miss.

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