Let Social Media grow your Business.

Social Media as part of your digital strategy

Anyone can post an update on Facebook, but using social media strategically to grow your business is a whole different ballgame.

We check out your (potential) customers, your competition and what kind of content you need to create and updates you need to post to profit from the opportunities social media have to offer.

Advertising on Social Media

Perhaps you’ve gone viral once, but was there a lasting effect? In general, if you want to grow you’re gonna need a strategy and some budget – even it’s just a little bit – to reach the right people.

And once you get those people to engage with you, social media becomes truly interesting. Now we can create campaigns and target people who are like the people who like your brand – your customers –  with just one difference: that they haven’t heard from you before.

Remarketing en Sales Funnels

We can also help you with remarketing and Sales Funnels. The former means showing advertisements to people who’ve recently visited your website or webshop. But instead of hiding them at the side of the page, where we’ve been trained to ignore them, they’ll be right in the middle of their timeline.

And then there’s the Sales Funnel. We start by creating awareness amongst people who might be interested in your brand. We see who stops to look, and we’ll engage them. Finally, we’ll sell to the people who feel at home with your brand.

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