We create websites...

And you do your thing. And we want you to be able to focus on your thing, without having to worry about your website.

That is why, standard, we deliver complete websites. More than half our partners don’t need anything but this offer to go online – except for hosting. Do you want to be sure we can create your website for £899? Get in touch today.

7-8 Pages

For most companies, 7-8 pages go a long way. A page to welcome visitors, one for services, about you, contact, blog and the post-template, for example. Naturally, different pages are possible too.

Bespoke. Always.

We create a bespoke website for all our customers. This way you’ll website won’t just fit your company and market, but it will also be a website that will make you feel at home. And it goes without saying that it will be optimised for phones and tablets.

On-page SEO

Getting to the top of Google is a lot of work, but it always starts with on-page SEO. Of course, if you let us build your website, we take care of that part for you.

Social Media integration

Do you want to link your website to your social media profiles? Add share buttons to your blog? Show your social media content on your website? No problem. We integrate your website with – up to – four channels of choice.

Contact form

We add a contact form to your website and connect it to your email of choice. Do you also need a form people can use to ask for a quotation? Done.

WordPress CMS

WordPress fuels about one-third of the internet, and for good reason. It’s easy to work with, and it gives you lots of options to connect cool features to your website – should you need them one day.

Video Tutorials

We’re gonna deliver a brilliant website. But maybe, someday, you need to adjust some information or pictures, or you want to start a blog on your website. That’s why we’ll also send you video tutorials which you can use to adjust all the basics – text, fonts, pictures, colours, videos – when we deliver your website.

Google Analytics &
Cookie notice

Once you’ve got a website it’s good to know if it’s used by people. That way you can decide if it’s worth posting updates, for example. We connect your website to Google Analytics, and to make sure your website complies with the GDPR, we’ll also add the cookie warning and a privacy page.

SSL Certificate

The last thing you want is that you’re visitors run risks while they’re on your website. No worries, every host offers SSL certificates nowadays with hosting, and we’ll take care of installing it for you.

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